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Urology Clinic Coimbatore was established in 1992 as a one stop solution to all urological diseases. At this well equipped Urology centre all the needed Urological Investigations are available. A stand alone day care Urology Surgery Centre is attached to the clinic where in Laser for Urinary Stones, ESWL, Operating Microscopy for Andrology Surgery, Electroejaculator & Penile Virbatory stimulation (Viberect) are available. All the ambulatory surgical procedures can be performed for the convenience of the patient. Centrally located in Coimbatore, Urology Clinic caters to both walk-in patients and and those with a prior appointment.

Inpatients are admitted at the Uro Nephro Centre located at Ganga Hospital Ramnagar where in all the state of art equipment including 3D Laparoscopy, Laser for Prostate (HOLEP) Renal Stones and Urinary Tract Stones are housed. Dialysis facility is available round the clock for emergency & routine cases.

This Centre of Excellence in Urology and Andrology acts as the ethical centre for all Urological diseases including Urologic Cancers (Kidney, Bladder, Prostate, Penile and Testicular cancers) Paediatric urology, Gynaec urology, Kidney Transplantation and CAPD (Ambulatory self Peritoneal Dialysis).


To provide sate of art technology in Urology, Nephrology and Urooncology at an affordable cost.


To create a trusted centre of excellence in health care, Academics and research in urology, Nephrology and urooncology.
We envision MAKE IN INDIA project on Robotic surgery. We would like to continue the Rural health charity programme.

  • Centre of Excellence
  • Robotic Project
  • Charity
  • Stem cell Research

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